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Core Trade (Tradesman / Trade Foreman) In Fire Sprinkler Installation

Core Trade is a worker registration scheme by BCA for skilled and experienced construction personnel in various construction trades. Workers who have more than 4 years of experience in the construction sector are eligible to register as Tradesman personnel while those who have more than 6 years of site experience are eligible to register as Trades Foreman personnel.

We are offering one day familiarization course for Tradesman and two days familiarization course for Trades Foreman.

For More Information On Core Trade And Please Click On The Following Links: http://bca.gov.sg/coretrade

Skilled Evaluation Certificate Knowledge SEC (K) Fire Sprinkler Installation

SEC(K) is the basic trade certification every foreign worker must possess before entering Singapore to work. Only those who pass both the written and practical components of the test will be awarded the SEC(K) certificate. Currently we are the only training centre offering a 5-day course on SEC(K) for fire sprinkler installation.

Multi Skill Scheme

The Multi-Skilling Scheme is a registration scheme, administered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), to register workers who are competent in multiple trade skills. It provides an alternative pathway for the industry to upgrade their experienced workers as “Higher Skilled” workers. Workers who have more than 4 years of construction experience in Singapore and with 2 acceptable certifications are eligible to register for the Multi Skill Scheme:

  • First certification: Any SEC, SEC (K), Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or Malaysian Work Permit holders
  • Second certification: Acceptable SEC (K) trade certification in a different trade from the first certification

Continual Educational Training For Core Trade Renewal (Fire Protection Works)

To update the CoreTrade and Multi-Skilling personnel on the latest codes and regulations of the trades, new installation methods, equipment, materials, tools of the trades, so as to upkeep the good practices on site incorporating quality, productivity, and health & safety aspects of the trades. All Core trade personnel who renew their Core Trade registration from 1st Oct 2013 onwards are required to attend CET under their respective registered trade category.

Deluge Training Centre offers a half day course covering the latest codes and regulations, good practices and demonstration of new methods, materials, tools and equipment relevant to the fire protection works.