• 21, Joo Koon Crescent, Singapore 629026

Industrial Facilities

Our prefabrication and warehouse facilities in Singapore and Malaysia enable Deluge Fire Protection to take on fast track projects regardless of size. Our fleet of transport vehicles further ensures the timely and efficient deployment of manpower, materials and equipment to sites.

Deluge Fire Protection manages and deploys its own fleet of aerial platforms to support all site construction work.

Our Industrial Facilities

Prefabrication Factory

  • Singapore Prefabrication Factory, Office and Workers Dormitory and est. 6,000 sq.m
  • Singapore Prefabrication Factory, Office and Workers Dormitory and est. 6,000 sq.m
  • Prefabrication Equipment available:
    • Cutting Machines
    • Threading Machines
    • Coring Machines
    • Grooving Machines
    • Welding Stations
    • Fit-Up Machines
    • Electrostatic Spray Painting Booths
    • Pipe Rolling


  • Floor area: est. 2,500 sq.m
  • 23 rows of storage racks
  • Each row contains 7 levels of storage space to cater for materials of different weight and sizes
  • Off-site holding area for project materials. Ensures each project is adequately stocked with the necessary materials.

On-Site Facilities

  • 4 Boom Lifts (400s) with a maximum platform of up to 12m 40ft) and restricted workload of up to 230kg (1000lbs).
  • 55 Scissor Lifts (GS-2032 / GS-3246 / GS-2632 / GS-2646) with working heights of up to 11.6m (38ft) and a maximum load capacity of up to 318kg (700lbs).
  • 3 Super Lifts designed to transport heavy loads.
  • State-of-the-art metal and aluminium scaffolding equipment for the best access solutions while maintaining ultimate safety.


  • 25 Lorries for project development and transportation
  • Our experienced technicians and engineers provide regular servicing year round to ensure the proper operation of fire protection systems in case of a fire emergency.